Franco Panconi

creator of the new exclusive treatment against smoking

Since I was a child I manifested unintentional psicokinetic pheanomena;sometimes, while I was at home, plates and glasses would break all of a sudden, spoons and forks would bend,I would foresee events before they happened and all these things were scary for a little boy. I started researching these events and through my research I was lucky enough to come across Dr. Massimo Inardi a renowned parapsycologist ( who at the time used to copete in Mike Bongiorno's quiz show “Rischiatutto” winning everything there was to win!). Dr.Inardi lived in Bologna and he had a parapsycology research center so I wrote him about what was happeing to me and he invited me there to do some tests. I took all kinds of tests, both psychological and energetic evaluations and Dr.Inardi told me I had a great amount of energy and because I didn't know how to master it,it was spontaneously released on the objects around me and that was the reason for all the strange phaenomena taking place all the time.
“You will become an excellent pranotherapist if you learn how to use this outstanding amount of energy” he said and he suggested I took some classes in various schools.
I enrolled at the A.MI University in Milan but due to the distance I had to cover , they pointed me in the direction of a local office in Viareggio where I finished my studies.
Meanwhile I had started treating my friends and family with really good results. My first”big healing” was my grandmother, who had had a cerebrovascularaccident at the time, so I went to the hospital to see her and I couldn't help myself; I had to place my hands on her head,they were starting to heat up and turn purple. The next day she regained consciousness and started feeling better until she eventually healed completely...I was so shaken by the experience I decided not to tell anyone,not even my family because I was afraid they wouldn't believe me.
I then decided to work as a pranotherapist twice a week when I was free from my main job as a photographer. A few years later one of my teachers in Viareggio founded the “Homo Sapiens” a pranotherapy school and offered me various tasks as well as a permanent chair as an autogenic training teacher. During these lessons I thaught students self-healing techniques through autogenic training.
In 1992 I decided to sell my photography studio and devote myself to pranotherapy only.One does not become a pranotherapist but is born one,and we cannot do something else in life.
I've been working as a pranotherapist since I was 20 years old and have cured thousands of people affected by many different diseases and obtaining very encouraging results.There are certain limits, of course, do not trust anyone who says they can treat diseases that can't be cured by modern medicine: they are nothing but rip-offs.
Today I'm regionally known as “pranotherapist Franco Panconi” and nationally known as “antismokingpanconi”,the pranotherapist who can get people to quit smoking in one session only, thanks to his exclusive technique.

Anti-smoking session


There are two different types of addiction to smoke: physical,wich is weaker,and psychical, wich way stronger.Most anti-smoking cures out there today ( nicotine patches,pills, acupuncture etc.) only affect the physical part of the addiction,ignoring the real problem which is the idea of having a cigarette and how this bad habit becomes very hard to overcome.Unfortunately there are no products able to remove this mental obstacle.

Preliminary remarks

I have been working as a pranotherapist since 1974,I have had many accomplishments in this field and I've had the chance to deal with many cases, addictions to drugs,alcohol, pills, caffeine and food are some examples among many others. The results I had were good,but not what I was looking for: to remove an addiction in only one session without side effects.Clearly the addictions I've just mentioned were more physical than psychical. When I developed this technique I had already tried to make people quit smoking using pranotherapy,but realised it wasn't working the way I wanted because I was working only on the physical part of the matter. 20 years ago I realised I could pass on simple thought through my energy while I was treating people using pranotherapy,so I thought why not use this natural gift I had to help people? If I could communicate a thought,why not make it a positive one? Through a technique that allows me to visualize a certain concept I can send that thought to other people,so I realised that was the missing piece in my treatment.

The Session

I have been successfully performing this exclusive treatment for a long time,there are thousands of people who can confirm its effectiveness and various italian news papers have documented it. It is based on the trasfer of a psychical message through the energy flow. It's apparently a very simple procedure, just through placing my hands on the patient's head and stomach I can send a telepathic message that erases the idea of the cigarette and all the instictive habits and movements that comes with it.
It is not required for the patient to believe in this type of treatment,being skeptical is normal and it does not influence the outcome,the patient to be willing to stop smoking and follow my advice after the treatment,which mainly consistsof drinking a great amount of water so the remaining nicotine in the body can be expelled.
The session is entirely natural,it does not involve hypnosis nor the use on any type of pills or substance,anyone can undergo this treatment women during pregnancy and people who use a cardiac pacemaker included.The treatment has no side-effects, most patients feel relaxed and atpeace with themselves for getting rid of such a bad habit after the session. The next day the patient can be around smokers without feeling the need to have a cigarette,on the contrary,the smell of smoke might bother him/her. 90% of the people who have taken this treatment stopped smoking right away. It usually takes one session, but in case the patient still feels the need to have 2-3 cigarettes a day the treatment will be repeated without charging.

I'd like to clarify that during this session I only do what the patient wants me to: get him/her to stop smoking.
I cannot influence the thoughts that go beyond the patient's will!

Physical and psychical addiction
Many smokers claim that smoking is just a bad habit and that they could stop at any point if they wanted to.They're wrong! Smoking develops a proper addiction and like any other toxic substance it's hard to get out of one's system.
Only recently,nicotine has been officially stated as a proper drug even though everyone has been familiar with it's great power to lead to an addiction for the past decades. In a recent research it has been proved that nicotine is more likely to lead to addiction than other drugs such as heroin, cocaine and alcohol.Beyond the physical addiction to nicotine, hides a psychological addiction to the cigarettes that keeps the smoker linked to this bad habit.

The physical addiction: 20-40%
It's caused by the on going intake of a certain substance; the lack of this substance triggers an abstinence crisis which may cause stress,depression,increase of appetite, insomnia, panick attacks. Nicotine is a highly toxic substance. 50 mg (2 packs of cigarettes) if taken in one dose can be lethal.

The psychical addiction: 60-80%
This type of addiction is very absorbing because it has to do with the gestures and “little things” hat create a habit; things as simple as taking your hand to your mouth.Breaking a habit can be very hard and might leave a person feeling ill and hollow.